I’m Gracie and I’m a home maker, mother, crafter, french lover and art enthusiast. I love poetry, nail polish, planning parties and absorbing beauty of all kinds. I  live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my husband Chris and our one year old son, Charlie.  Chris and I made our awkward beginnings at a local bookstore in the spring of ‘08. Since then we’ve endured a long distance relationship, earthquakes,  a long engagement and now we have a wonderful wee boy who was born on Aug 7th, 2012. We also celebrated our love for each other by getting married on the day of our 3rd anniversary –  on December 3rd, 2013!

This is my quiet corner of the internet where I intend to document my life as a stay-at-home-mama living in New Zealand.  Here you’ll find a bunch of  Famspam (family updates) and photos of Charlie. You’ll also find bits and peices on my day-to-day doings, lessons in homelife,  and of course, my whimsical musings on motherhood so far. You might also find a few poems of mine as I reflect on my life and family.  Thanks for stopping by, happy browsing!


IMG_20121026_111520aPhoto 020f


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