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March has been a good month however I have found my energy levels have dipped slightly so I have been neglecting my blog of late. The changing of the seasons always tires me out as I adjust so I expect that I will be fine in the next week or so. Charlie is as vivacious as ever and lately we have been spending a lot of time at the local pool and going for walks. I really enjoy this time with Charlie, he is now old enough that we can go for proper walks without his push chair, which has really opened up the doors for outdoor exploration. I have found myself relaxing a little as I transition into this new phase of parenting. Charlie is no longer a little baby and after nearly a year of being a worrisome new mother, I find that I am more confident in myself and in Charlie. We don’t really do ‘activities’ anymore, sometimes I will present him with in ‘invitation to play’ but mostly I have been immersing him in practical life which I now see as more beneficial. I have been trying to stick to our daily rhythm but I find it hard to stick to a schedule with Charlie, as every day is different for us. I feel like as he gets older he will need more consistency with our daily routine so I will need to work on that.

I have observed some huge leaps in Charlie’s skills lately. His speech is developing quickly and he seems to be learning at least 3 new words a day. He still mostly speaks his baby language but I am becoming more in tune with that so often I can pick up words and understand his wants and needs a bit better. He is also beginning to understand and comprehend English a lot better, he responds to requests and listens to commands. He is making connections with things and I can tell that he has just undergone a significant mental leap as he seems to be able to do more things with ease now. He is big on imitation lately and loves copying what I do. He’s a very ‘well behaved’ toddler too and will often sit through coffee dates, supermarket trips and long car rides without complaint. He is an absolute pleasure and I really do enjoy his company.

I am really looking forward to the next three weeks as starting on Wednesday Chris will be on a break from work. We don’t often get to spend a lot of time as a family together so it will be nice having him around for three whole weeks. I hope that we can go on a few day trips as there is a lot to see and I truly believe that exploration is paramount to teaching a toddler. It is also my birthday next month and I am 21 so I have been excitedly planning my party. The next month looks like it will be a very good one and we are heading into my favourite season now so hopefully I will have more motivation to blog. This month has been a quiet lull after a busy start to the year.


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