Today’s Invitation to play {Sea and Land Playscapes}

2014-02-04 12.53.022014-02-04 12.53.072014-02-04 13.06.312014-02-04 13.06.542014-02-04 14.24.43Today I made these fun playscapes for Charlie to explore. I made some coloured salts which I added flour to and scented with Oregano. Then I gathered up some bits and pieces to create a fun environment for Charlie to enjoy. I used green glitter, confetti, blocks, rocks, wildflowers and toys. I left out some utensils so Charlie could manipulate the salt with them if he wanted. He loved scooping, pouring and movie the little figures around the playscape. We used the magnifying glass to look closer at the materials and investigate the textures in his playscapes. He had lots of fun looking at the flowers and rocks up close! We explored the materials together and I made sure that I named each object for him and he even had a go trying to copy the sounds. His mind is so absorbent and I am trying to enjoy and appreciate every new day, even on days like today when I am feeling sick and crabby!


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