Invitation to play {play dough}

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For a while now I’ve been wanting to try some ‘invitations to play’ as Charlie doesn’t really like  structured activities like transferring pom poms or sorting shapes. He probably will learn to love those activities but at the moment, he really enjoys free play. He likes being left to explore things at his own pace so open ended ‘play invitations’ are the perfect way to get him engaged in an activity.

I kept the utensils simple because I didn’t want to overwhelm him and  my objective was to just get him touching and feeling the dough. I wanted him to experiment with it’s different texture and learn about how a material such as dough can change shape and form.  The jelly in the dough turned it into a multi sensory activity because of the different smells. I was a bit worried about Charlie eating the dough – and he did try a little – but quickly realised that it wasn’t a food as soon as it hit his tongue. The best part of this unstructured activity is that it was pretty much self led play so it allowed me to have a chat with my grandad while he visited instead of constantly trying to keep Charlie entertained.

I enjoyed watching him experiment and become comfortable playing with it and I must admit that I played with it too – it seems these things remain fun and interesting, even into one’s adult years! 🙂


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