16 months or “he’s almost one and a half”


On the 7th of December, Charlie turned sixteen months old. I know I promised myself that I wouldn’t be one of those ladies that continues saying her kid’s age in months past the age of one, but I can’t help it.  I still celebrate each month, each milestone, each and every new emerging skill. I am blown away by how absorbent his mind is at this stage and how quickly he learns new things.  This month his gentle and loving nature has really come out. He gives lots of hugs & kisses now and win’s everybody’s hearts with his stunning smile. He is so friendly and social and just loves animals and meeting new people.

2013-12-16 16.17.22

2013-11-20 10.26.57IMG_1487

As he gets older, he gets cheekier and sassier and I really do love it. Having a toddler is absolutely exhausting but so much fun. He truly makes every day special and I love his cheeky personality.  His speech and understanding of language is developing at a quite a rapid pace, he says a few words, not real ones but ones that I understand. I think he really likes being able to communicate with me and enjoys saying the few words he does know over and over.  His favourites are “gooo!”, “coco” (chocolate) “car-car” and “wa-wa” (water) He makes a lot of noise and I know he is working really hard to replicate the sounds I make when I speak.  He has a few expressions that he likes using, when he drops something he delights in saying “uh-oh” and when he is cuddling he makes the sweetest “ooooh oooh” sound. It’s just gorgeous.  Learning to talk is definitely my favourite milestone to date, it’s so exciting because now that he is starting to verbalise his thoughts, I get a little glimpse into his cute little head.

2013-11-08 12.06.02

He loves repetition and this month has been working really hard on initiating the little games we play. His favourite rhyme at the moment is “Toast in the Toaster” and when he wants me to do the rhyme, he shouts “googoo-googoo” which must sound like “toast toaster!” in his mind. He also likes to smell people’s feet and say “pooooo!” (something that we do to him because it makes him laugh” and he loves being asked to point to his nose. In terms of body parts, he knows head/hair, body, knees, nose and eyes which he likes to pretend to wash.  His favourite book is “Wally Woof” and when he wants us to read it to him he brings it to us and says “waaa-woo” He is just so gorgeous and adorable, everything he does makes my heart melt.

He is still an adventurer and explorer and he loves investigating things to find out how they work. He is really good at climbing and his favourite thing to do these days is attempting to escape via any window, open or not. He has recently started to understand and enjoy art and drawing so we’ve been doing that a bit lately. He likes dancing, jumping and running.  He loves being independent and trying to help out in the  house.  His favourite chores are passing me laundry, vacuuming and wiping up spills. He has started to enjoy practicing self care and loves brushing his hair, brushing his teeth and putting on his own hat and shoes.

2013-10-30 13.56.51

Bedtime is still slightly an issue as most nights he still wakes up a few times. I think he has started to have separation anxiety at night time so we have been co sleeping a bit recently. Most mornings after he’s been in our bed,  he wakes me up with a big kiss and cuddle which is really so nice. He still takes up most of the bed though which can be a bit of a pain at times!

I love his personality and I am really enjoying this stage.  It’s so much fun watching him learn and I love watching him blossom. He is growing so fast and sometimes I could just slow it all down. Even though we have bad days and days where we feel so tired that we may pass out, seeing him smile, or holding his hand encourages me to pick myself up and keep going. He is so cheeky, sweet, determined and adventurous. He has an infectious spirit and he never fails to make people smile.  He is so happy and bright and also… he still makes the best faces:

IMG_1494IMG_1299IMG_14822013-11-20 10.26.122013-12-01 16.33.00IMG_1484




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