I can’t believe another month has been and gone. I say it every month but it really shocks me how fast this year is flying by.  Spring is in the air and it makes me excited for summer, and that’s saying a lot as I usually dread the summer. I am looking forward to spending days at the beach with my family and picnicking in the gardens. I welcome the longer days and warmer weather with open arms. Charlie is growing so quickly, I find it hard to keep up. Every day he surprises me with a new trick and he appears to be blooming right before my eyes.

I love the way his face lights up when he recognizes something; a word, a phrase, a place or a game. Being a baby must be so extraordinary.  Everything is so new and each day is filled with endless excitement. Charlie has grown into such an adventurous wee boy and I love how curious and genuine he is. He’s such a loving and friendly soul and he just adores attention. I feel so privileged that I get to spend my days with him. Watching him play, laugh and explore let’s me see the world as he sees it.

IMG_0808IMG_0927IMG_0951IMG_1015IMG_1066IMG_1089 photo


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