I am a face pillow: (Guest post by the Manly One)

Charlie has quite recently realised that I am not a pet, but his father. This makes me quite happy because for most of the year he treated me as a combo slapping practice and butt wiper. Now he actually comes to me just for cuddles, which is really cool.

The only downside is, he likes to do this mostly while I’m lying down. He can climb now too, so no bed or couch is safe.

I’ll just be chillin, minding my own business, being hip and whatnot… then the sky goes dark and all I see is this.


He surveys my face for a few seconds, finds a spot and then parks his giant head on mine. He takes after me, and has quite a sizeable, and very solid, noggin. Since we both have hard heads, he’s very seldom happy with his first choice and he’ll do a mini press up on my throat while he picks again.

Every single time, without fail, he looks… grunts or squeals, then parks the biggest corner on his forehead in my nice squishy eye.


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