Following instructions


The lines of communication between Charlie and I are opening at a rapid pace and I love it. It’s wonderful knowing that he understands what I say and that he is learning to communicate his feelings in a way that goes beyond instinctual response (ie just crying, smiling or laughing)

He can now follow a few simple commands such as stop, come here please, give to mummy [an object] and stand up, please. He will also follow “Charlie, dance!” and “Point to mummy’s nose” – those two excite me greatly. He will also sometimes follow requests that are new to him, like just now,  I said “Charlie, your hat is covering your eyes, take it off so you can see” and he did so and smiled.

His speech is also developing and he can now say da – his version of ta – both when he gives and receives something. We tried teaching him ‘ta’ by saying it when we gave him an object. I think it’s funny and cute that because of this he has equated ‘ta’ with giving, more than receiving. I’m not worried though as I’m sure he will realise the meaning of it (and thank you) as he becomes more aware of himself and his voice.

As each day passes, I am becoming more in tune with his nuances and idiosyncrasies and I absolutely adore his spirit and personality. I also feel that he is becoming more aware of me and my role in his life, which is a wonderful feeling too.


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