12 months old

At one minute old,

You took your first breath

surrounded by nurses and bright lights

and we welcomed you with tears

At one hour old,

machines and nurses;

you were in the NICU

and we were scared

At one day old,

you were placed in my arms

and I finally understood love

my heart beamed

At one week old,

you came home

you slept on us, ate on us

and we had never been happier

At one month old,

you cried

and we were tired

as we tended to you day and night

At two months old,

you smiled

and started to coo

you amazed us

At three months old,

you watched

taking in your surroundings

observing intently

At four months o.d,

you ate

it was pumpkin

and you loved it.

At five months old,

you had your first summer

We spent our days beneath the trees

and browsing balmy Sunday markets.

At six months old

we moved to Christchurch

you started to crawl

and we cherished each day

At seven months old,

you laughed

we had never head a more wonderful sound

or one so perfect

At eight months old,

you could cruise

and you delighted

in being able to get around for yourself

At nine months old,

you made friends

and you became the social being

we never anticipated

At ten months old,

you could light up a room with just your smile

strangers would stop

to tell us how love you were

At eleven months old,

you were busy

you tried, you copied, you explored

your enthusiasm inspired me

At twelve months old

you took your first steps

you held my hand,

and my heart melted


I love you

and the person you are becoming

we could never be prouder


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