Eleven (almost twelve!) months old

Can you guys believe it? Charlie is nearly one! Each day I shake my head in disbelief, it seems incredible that in a few weeks he’ll be celebrating his birthday for the first time. We’ve been telling him it’ll be his birthday soon but as you would expect, I don’t really think he cares (or realises even, lol) But it doesn’t matter. First birthdays are more for the parents anyways, and with good reason! Managing to keep a person alive for 12 months is quite an accomplishment! Good call for celebration, I think.

Charlie is just wonderful. He’s got such a bright and joyful personality which gives me energy on even the most tiresome days. He’s a really outgoing baby who loves attention and gets it with his charming eyes and cheeky smile. He’s an explorer, an adventurer and a dare devil. I often find him climbing things or trying to squeeze into tiny spaces; his curiosity amazes me.

He’s such a star and I love him absolutely to pieces. I cannot imagine my life before or without  him and in fact it pains me to do so. I am lucky that I get to enjoy his love and vigour for life each day, his enthusiasm is infectious!



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