DIY laundry powder


With winter in full swing, I decided to chase the away the cold by enjoying a hot chocolate with a good friend of mine. We took shelter from the rain in our local café which to my delight, was deliciously warm. After a short wait, our beverages arrived and as we happily sipped away at our drinks,  the conversation turned to natural products and ways in which we use them in our homes. If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s talking to people and learning from their experiences.  In between squeals from Charlie, she shared with me her adventures in whole food cooking and I, in turn, shared my thrifty ways with cleaners and cleaning products.

Like many people, I find that there is a thrill in making your own products and even though I’m not much of a greenie, it is nice knowing that I am doing something to benefit the environment.  When I was pregnant, I read a fabulous book called Mother’s Little Helper by Wendyl Nissen. It was an interesting and very insightful guide to raising your baby the old fashioned way – without chemicals, additives and all the other nasties that make up our every day cleaning products.

One particular part that stood out to me was her recipe for DIY laundry powder. Not only is not only simple to make but is also eco-friendly and great on the wallet. I have since tried it and think that it really is just splendid. So I thought that this evening I would share it with you all, in hopes that you too find it as helpful as I did! If you’re into this kind of thing, I really recommend you read her books Mother’s Little Helper and Domestic Goddess on a Budget – they are fantastic!

Fabulous DIY laundry Powder

1 cup  soda ash
1 cup baking soda
60ml liquid castile soap
2 ml lavender essential oil (I omitted this and instead used lavender scented castile soap)

Using a food processor, mix together 1 cup of soda ash and 1 cup of baking soda for a couple of minutes until well combined. Slowly drizzle in the castile soap (and essential oil if you’re using it) until blended. Store in an air tight container and use 1tbsp per load, or double for a large load.

*slightly adapted from Wendyl Nissen’s original recipe which can be found in her books or online here.

And just in case you were wondering…..

Soda Ash – Sodium carbonate. This chemical is commonly used as a water softener for laundering. You will probably be able to find it at bulk food stores such as Binn Inn.

Baking Soda – Usually found on the baking aisle of your local supermarket.

Liquid Castile Soap – Olive oil based soap, available in bar or liquid form. The one I used is by Dr. Bronner. Important to note that for this recipe, you will need it in liquid form.




My little 28 week bump.

As Charlie gets closer to turning one, I’ve been looking back to my pregnancy. Life before Charlie seems so distant and now even that seems a fading memory. But as I go through my old posts, I am brought straight back to that place. That curious place of pain and mystery and wonder. The anticipation of those final weeks is paramount. Here is a poem I wrote to celebrate the 36 week mark:

Baby growing

growing, growing, growing

like a forest, ever expanding

there’s no room but still you push

and press your face against the wall

I feel you move, mighty legs

a hand reaches out –

searching for another’s, for mine perhaps?

I rub my belly, barely recognizable

There are lines there now, marking your existance

I am a tree and they, my rings

my journey to here.

You nudge me again and I smile

I want to hold you,

sink my lips into your skin

and give you a mother’s kiss

not long to go now, baby

not long, not long…