The dreaded 8 month sleep regression

It seems that as soon as we get to the root of Charlie’s sleep issues and establish a pattern something comes up and ruins all our hard work. The most recent being the iconic sleep regression which usually occurs somewhere between 8-10 months. This past week has been a horror as each night at varying hours, Charlie has decided that instead of sleeping, he’d much rather stand and cruise around his cot, shouting at us to wake up. Cute huh?

At first we had no idea what was going on. We did the mental checklist and found his sleeping conditions to be satisfactory (tick!) and to be honest, we were stumped. Was he too hot? Too cold? Hungry perhaps? And why is he so AWAKE? (Charlie, stop staring at me like that….) A quick google search informed us that we were smack bang in the middle of sleep regression. Oh joy.

Our first instinct was to google ‘how to deal with 8mo sleep regression” (I honestly don’t know how parents coped before google) and despite our high hopes, the results and answers were dismal.  It seems that there’s not much we can do, except wait it out. “This short period usually tend to last for between two to six weeks” said one website cheerfully. Easy for you to say, I thought bitterly as I watched my almost-toddler shouting at his bedtime toys at 4.30am knowing that this will soon become the new norm.

As I fall further and further into motherhood, I have realised that you just have to take things in your stride and get on.  All these parenting curve-balls are phases which Charlie will soon outgrow as he speeds on up to the next thing. Being a mum is challenging at times but so rewarding and my little man is just the coolest wee chap – especially when he’s asleep, ha!



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