Folding a fitted sheet

Credit:Ammgramm/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Ammgramm/Flickr/Creative Commons

I began thinking about this as I opened my brand new bed sheets, gifted to me by my nanna for my twentieth birthday. Upon taking them out of their packaging, I admired their crispness (things like that give me shivers and I have no idea why) and . Thinking how lucky I was to have received such a beautiful present, I began to make up the bed.

As I unfolded the fitted sheet, I wondered if I could ever get mine to look like that; nice and neat and flat. As I looked over at the tangled mess of dirty linens on the floor, I shook my head and decided that I probably couldn’t. Smoothing over the top sheet, I remembered a photo series I found online a while back, demonstrating how to correctly fold a fitted sheet. I also remembered my failed attempt which resulted in me balling said sheet and shoving it in the cupboard to be forgotten until needed again.

As I put the pillow cases on I wondered if maybe there was ayoutube video I could follow, I always find videos easier to follow along to. So later that night, after my old sheets had been washed and dried, I found this video and gave it a go. After a few attempts I got it and a strange wave of satisfaction washed over me. No longer would I simply scrunch up my sheets and be done with it. No – instead I would take the time to fold and care for them properly (however, once you learn how to do it, folding them correctly doesn’t take much time at all!)

The trick is to get all the corners folded into each other. It sounds confusing but it’s really not. Here’s how to do it in 10 steps: (for pictures, go here)

  1. Stand with the sheet longways in your hands, right side facing you.
  2. Find the corners and hold one with each hand.
  3. Take the right hand corner and tuck it underneath the one in your left hand.
  4. Run your hand down the edge of the next untucked corner. Find the corner and bring that to your left hand too.
  5. Repeat this process with the final corner. By now, you should have all the corners folded together on your left hand.
  6. Straighten the edges of the sheet.
  7. Take to a flat surface and lay out. Smooth over the corners.
  8. Fold the remaining length of the sheet into thirds or quaters, being careful to keep the corners together.
  9. Fold the now narrow sheet into thirds or quaters again.
  10. Put the outer sections over each other so it will stay securely folded!

And there you have it! The correct way to fold a fitted sheet. If you’re having trouble following those instructions, do check out this video! I found it so helpful! At first when I watched her do it I think I swore and called her a “sheet wizard” but after a few watches, I was able to follow along and successful fold my sheet! Wohoo!

Do you have trouble folding sheets? (or folding laundry in general?)  Leave a comment and let me know!


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