Baroque Inspiration

Baroque Inspiration
Hello all! This evening I thought I’d make a quick post about a fashion trend I am loving: baroque! It’s one which I’m seeing EVERYWHERE and it’s not hard to see why. “This trend has provided women with the chance to embrace a historic time period in today’s day in age. It represents elegance and poise as well as femininity and stature” says  of style blog The Fashion Section. And I guess I agree. One of the things I love about this style (aside from it’s evident luxuriousness!) is the fact that it allows you to be edgy, but still remain feminine and classic. I’ve been watching the grunge revival emerge and can safely say, it’s not for me. When I’m not slouching around in yoga pants or leggings (YES, these are totally valid fashion choices when you have an eight month old) I do prefer a more feminine look.I’ve found that I really can’t pull off the effortlessly messy look that so many of my friends rock. Leopard print and ripped jeans just don’t suit me. My style is much more classic and you can’t get much more classic than Baroque, can you? I love the intricate designs and general opulence of this look, teamed with a timeless colour palette (black, gold, cream and sometimes red) it makes for the perfect autumn wardrobe.First showcased on the runway last year, we’re beginning to see more and more of it in our chain stores and I’m loving it! What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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