I’ve always had a desire to travel, but recently, the feeling is inescapable. Perhaps it has something to do with turning twenty, or maybe I just feel I have outgrown my beautiful country. But travel is in my heart, and it’s in the manly one’s too. We spend an awful lot of time thinking about the places we’ll go and experiences we’ll have. Though we appreciate our homeland, we long to explore the other corners of the world. We feel restless here. We want to see, to do. To write and be inspired. To take pictures, make memories. To breath in new air, and see new sights. And lately, I haven’t been able to get those thoughts off my mind.

Perhaps the reason for this is because I recently received a lottery ticket for my birthday. Oh what fun the manly one and I have had, talking about where we’d go, what we’d see if we won. After a lengthy discussion in the car, we decided that if we won, we’d pack up and leave, just like that. We’d go to Europe, returning to New Zealand in December for our wedding. Though I’m doubtful that anything will come of it, the thought still fills me with excitement, right to my very core. I even picked up  a few travel brochures when I was out this morning – I’m a hopeless dreamer.

Not only do I want to travel, I want to travel with our kids in tow. Not everywhere of course, but The manly one and I have years ahead of us to go to Egypt, Morocco, South America, and other places that I would be hesitant to take our kids to. However, I do dream of holidaying, or indeed, living overseas with them. I want to raise world citizens. Children who can adapt to new situations and have a world of experience beneath them, before they set off into their adult lives (and we jet off to the middle east!)

Travelling with a child (or two) might scare some and though I’m sure it will come with it’s challenges, the thought doesn’t deter us one bit. In fact, it makes the desire stronger.  The thought of exploring the world with my family warms my heart like nothing else. I long to show them the world, to watch them play on distant shores and navigate new streets. I love doing things as a family and travel is no exception. One day – hopefully soon – we will see the world together, growing and learning along the way. And I can’t wait. Until then though…




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