Taking control: Steps to a better me.


For the first few months post baby, the manly one insisted that I wait six months before worrying about getting my body back on track. And that wasn’t exactly difficult… being a new mum is so demanding, I barely had time to think (or do) anything about it. But now that seven months have passed and I’m not exactly friends with my post partum bod. I’m a major procrastinator and after several failed attempts to “just get out and walk every day” I’ve decided that a bigger change was in order .And that’s why I’m writing about it today, in the hopes that making a  public declaration will help me stick to my routine and achieve my goals. Because unfortunately, I can name several different things that taste better than skinny feels…

But that doesn’t neccesarily mean I won’t get to where I want to be! I believe that life is all about management and balance. Weight loss isn’t about depriving yourself of things that bring you enjoyment, I think it’s rather about learning how manage your desires in a way that’s fair to you and your body. Through out this process, I’m going to try and remain “body positive” putting the focus  more on being healthy, rather than skinny. I will be journaling my progress (and set backs) in a series of blog postings which I will call “Steps to a better me” (or STABM for short) so keep your eyes peeled for the first instalment, coming soon

(And don’t worry…  I’m not going to start preaching my new found “appreciation” for heath and fitness, I can promise you that One Whimiscal Mama won’t turn into some sort of sick Dr. Oz spin off…. You have my word!)


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