STABM: Routine and rituals

Photo credit: Shuttersock

Photo credit: Shuttersock

My first step towards achieving my goal is to up my energy, my motivation and my dedication. To do this, I will create a daily routine which I will try and stay faithful to. I have already begun (sort of), although sometimes a few things go a miss (yoga, I’m talking about you…) as the rush to get out the door, or a grizzly baby outweighs my attempt to turn my body inside out need to do yoga. But so far, I aim (and I use that term rather loosely) for my day to look like this:

Early Morning

  • Wake up 6.30am
  • Three sun salutations
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Make breakfast for my family

Mid Morning

  • Daily chores/blogging/playing with Charlie.
  • Light snack (piece of fruit/yoghurt/a few crackers)
  • 30 minute zumba workout
  • Shower


  • Lunch
  • Involved activity with Charlie, or outing.
  • 10-20 minutes of dancing
  • Light snack

Late afternoon


  • Spend time with my family
  • Dinner
  • 10 minutes of quiet meditation or gentle yoga
  • Glass of water
  • Bed

As you can see, this schedule only includes changes I am making for myself. My day is a lot more involved, as the life of a SAHM usually is. In this schedule, I have discounted my most of my mum duties and things regarding Charlie (feeding, playing, changing) as he has one of his very own that we try and stick to. I have created my routine to fit around his, with most of my activities and workouts occurring during his nap times.

I have been trying to follow this for about a week now and I think it’s helping me improve. Although, I still struggle with the early morning ones and late evening, as things get a bit chaotic around those times (I think I have yet to do any mediation/yoga!) Still, this is a work in progress and I’m not overly bothered if I miss a few things while I’m getting used to these changes. I do try at get my mid-morning workout in, though. If I only do one thing for myself in a day, I make sure it’s that.

Something I’m struggling with in regards to my routine is the light snacking. I have heard that it is healthier (and burns more calories!) if you eat small, frequent meals. This is such a change for me as I’m used to eating one or two larger meals in day which is probably contributing to my growing girth. Eating always seems to get bumped off my list and then suddenly it’s six o’clock and I realised I haven’t eaten all day. The manly one is encouraging me to stick to my grazing plan and this week I included into our groceries a few things to make light snacks out of. Now I just have to remember to eat them.

Overall, it’s going pretty well so far. My workouts are getting easier (I found it so hard when I started – having a baby had completely zapped my core strength) and I’m feeling a little more energetic. I’m going to stick to this one for four to six weeks before thinking about changing it up, maybe adding in a more involved form of exercise/different activities. BUT for now I’m going to take this and run!  I AM DETERMINED TO GET IN SHAPE.

What’s your daily routine like? What things do you do for yourself each day? How do you stay in shape? Leave a comment and let me know!


DIY carpet spot cleaner


Babies. They make a lot of mess, don’t they? Especially on carpets! We have recently scuttled into the crawling phase and like a snail, our little one leaves a trail of food, dribble and spit up wherever he goes!  We have a mat that he is *supposed* to play on, though he seldom does. As a result, each day my carpet gets covered in a variety of spots, stains and little baby smudges… Lucky me!

I wouldn’t call myself a greeny (though, I do try and be enviro-friendly when I can) but I have been hesitant to use a chemical based spot remover. The reason for this is that Charlie spends so much of his time on the floor crawling around and I don’t want him licking up any of those nasties while he’s exploring. So, for a while now I have been searching for an easy to make carpet cleaner that is cheaper, safer and (hopefully) more effective than ones found in stores and supermarkets. After a few failed attempts (one which actually left my carpet worse off!) I wondered if I should give up and pay double for an eco-friendly carpet cleaner instead. I had almost given up when I found this .

It was easy to make, I had everything on hand and worked like a charm! I have a bottle stored in the cupboard and when I see a spot, all I need to do is give it a quick spritz, wait a few seconds and rub! It really as that simple! Here’s how to make it –

You will need:

  • A small spray bottle
  • 1tsp dish soap
  • 1tbsp white vinegar
  • 1c warm water
  • 1tsp baking soda

Get all your ingredients together and assemble near a sink. Start by adding the dish soap and vinegar to the spray bottle, then add the water. Lastly hold over sink and add the baking soda, quickly screwing on the top after (you remember those baking soda/vinegar volcanoes, right???) To use, spray and spot and rub gently with sponge, then dab with a towel. Continue doing this until stain is gone!

Taking control: Steps to a better me.

For the first few months post baby, the manly one insisted that I wait six months before worrying about getting my body back on track. And that wasn’t exactly difficult… being a new mum is so demanding, I barely had … Continue reading

Sleep, or lack thereof.


Getting Charlie to “sleep through the night” has never really been one of my biggest priorities. When I was pregnant, I thought a lot about what it would be like to have a baby and be a new mother. I had very realistic views on sleep. I knew I wouldn’t be getting much. I knew I was going to be tired. And as for sleeping through the night? I never expected that he would do it in the first month, or even the second, or third. I had accepted that babies need to eat and wake frequently, and that it is totally unrealistic to expect them to do otherwise. I just figured that he will do it when he’s ready. And really, what’s one year in the grand scheme of things?  Nothing I thought, as I read parenting books, browsed forums and turned my nose up at the so-called “Ferber Method

What I didn’t know, or knew but didn’t realise, was how absolutely tiring it is. Because initially, it wasn’t so bad. In the first month, I think I was running on adrenaline. Though I was tired, waking every 2-3 to feed was okay. I coped. Month 2 was okay also. Motherhood had sunk in and I was even starting to get my energy back after a hard birth. Month three came and went and despite hearing that babies should start sleeping through, we noticed that Charlie had actually regressed…maybe he was teething?

Month four brought us a hungry baby ready for solids. The reason why he’d been so unsettled. Sending him off with to bed with a full belly got us a five hour block from 12am – 5am. Bliss. Month five and six passed, as he reached many milestones, sleep wasn’t exactly on his agenda. But it didn’t matter so much as we were so excited to watch skills emerge and develop. But now here we are at month seven, and all these wakeful nights have taken it’s toll. We are exhausted.

And it’s not normal tired, either. We’ve completely run out of steam, each day feels like we’re climbing Everest. Okay…. maybe I’m being a tad over-dramatic but my point remains the same. It doesn’t help that we’re constantly hearing stories about wonder babies who’ve been sleeping through since they were 7 weeks old or whatever, and even more exasperating is the fact that a lot of babies his age are beginning to do it, when we’re not even close. Charlie wakes a minimum of two times for a feed and change, and countless others for reasons unknown. I am lucky that I have the manly one, who often springs out of bed and tells me to go back to sleep. He truly is wonderful. I don’t think I’d cope otherwise.

But despite all this, my views on baby sleep remains unchanged. We’ve been teaching him to self settle, but I don’t expect him to sleep through for another few months, at least. I don’t see the point in spending hours trying to get him to sleep in his cot either (sometimes he does though, and that’s great)

Instead, despite being very tired, I’m trying to cherish these moments.He won’t be little like this forever. One day (and I’m already preparing for this)  he’ll outgrow us and become a moody teenager who can’t think of anything worse than spending a day with his lame parents. There’s plenty of time for discipline later down the track, but they’re only small for such a short amount of time, and I’m really trying to make the most of his babyhood. And in the morning, after a hard night where I swear and wonder why I wanted this, I wake up and feel my babe sleeping under my arm, snoring slightly beside me, I realise I wouldn’t change this for the world.