Sensory play: Bubbles and soap

I’m a self-confessed bubble addict and it seems Charlie is headed the same way! It has been so hot these past few weeks so we’ve found ourselves in the yard a fair bit and I thought it would be a great time to do some outdoor sensory play, and what better way to play than with soap! I have been holding off on this one for a little while as before, Charlie has practically lived with his fists in his mouth. But since cutting his first two teeth, he spends less time knawing on his hands and more time banging them on whatever he can reach. Anyway,  this activity took practically no prep as we were already outside blowing bubbles but if you want to do it, all you need is a highchair, bubbles and soap! To make your own bubbles solution, you can find heaps of recipes here and if your baby doesn’t yet have the ability to shield his eyes, I suggest replacing the dish soap with a No Tears baby soap or shampoo 🙂

So, like I said before, we started off by blowing bubbles and Charlie was having a great time watching them dance in the breeze. We sung a made up song about the bubbles as I ran around the garden popping them and catching them on the end of the wand. Charlie especially liked when I brought them over for him to pop! Next, I took some of the mixture and poured it out onto his activity tray for him to feel. He spent a long time sliding his hands through the mixture and putting his hands together and banging them on the table. I talked to him about the feeling of the bubble mixture (cold, wet, slippery) and I put my fingers in to. I placed my hands over his and made a figure of eight pattern and he squealed in delight! Soon, his tray became all sudsy so I scooped some up and clapped my hands together in the air, spraying Charlie (and me!) with bubble suds! Then, I started blowing bubbles on the tray and he happily slammed his fists down and popped them himself. To end, I got a water bottle and showed Charlie how to rinse off his tray and I let him have a go. Then I cleaned his hands and we cooled-down by reading a story outside. It was such a magical afternoon and we both had a great time.



Sensory activities like this are ideal for infants as they learn through their senses, one of the main ones being touch. Touching and feeling different textures aids in their brain development and gives them a meaningful play experience! For more information and ideas visit this website. Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a great day!


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