Month Five and Six!

So, I realised the other day that in the hubub of moving, I didn’t make a post for Charlie’s monthly update at five months! So I’m going to combine them both in this post.

Charlie has changed so much in these past two months. He has started solids, crawling, babbling and moved from his bassinet into a cot! He is such a curious little baby with quite an adventurous streak! He’s adjusted to the move pretty well and I think he enjoys being home. He absolutely LOVES people and is such a social butterfly. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month and last:

Eat – Charlie is such a good eater. He’s been on solids since four and a half months and he seriously eats anything! He eats baby puree and his favourites are sweetcorn, pumpkin, banana, apple sauce and fruit salad. He was too keen on parsnips though! He still has milk feeds and we’re about to go up to stage 2 formula. He also can drink from a cup (assisted of course) which he prefers over drinking a bottle. Not too keen on his new sippy either! Watch this space!

Sleep – Charlie is getting close to sleeping through the night, which I am so excited about! Typically, he goes to bed at about 8.30pm and sleeps til 10pm, 11pm or sometimes even 12am! At that time he wakes for a feed and sleeps til 5am or 6am the next morning! Woohoo! He sleeps in his cot in our room still, we’re thinking of moving him into his own bedroom soon though!

Clothes – At the beginning of month five, he had a MASSIVE growth spurt. In the space of about a week and a half he went from fitting his newborn clothes still, to needing clothes in the size 6-12 months! That’s only one zero!!!! My big baby 🙂

Play – Ever since Charlie was born, he’s loved playing. His playing now includes trying to crawl which is just the cutest thing ever! Play these days consists of lots of tummy time and crawling practice, he just loves trying to crawl to his toys.

Talking – Charlie loves talking these days! His favourite thing to say is dadadadadadadadada which is cool but I must say I am a little jealous! Haha, looking forward to when he learns to say ‘mama!’ He also likes dododoodod and dededede.

Thing I don’t want to forget – Recently, Charlie has started doing this weird thing where he stiffens his limbs and shakes… it’s so cute but we can’t figure out why he’s doing it. We’ve narrowed it down to either discomfort or excited…. We think he does it when he’s excited but we’re not entirely sure yet. He also makes his poop face still, which I hope he never grows out of.

Also this month… Charlie has Cut his first tooth, Moved to Christchurch and started sitting in a high chair!IMG_5817IMG_6082




2 thoughts on “Month Five and Six!

  1. Sounds like your wee boy is coming along very nicely! Might have something to do with all the attention and love from his family? I LOVE the 5th photo down!!! xxx

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