A new year, a new home, a new life.

I’m back!!!! I just thought I’d make a quick post filling you all in after my short Hiatus from the blogging world. We’ve recently moved houses (and cities) and now we’re back in my home town and I’m feeling great. It’s wonderful being in a place you know with people to visit. We’re living out by the beach which is lovely, and right next door to my grandad (Grampy) which is even lovlier! I’ve finally finished unpacking and this little place is starting to feel like home! It needs a bit of work, however, I’m always up for a challenge. Charlie is growing well and is more precious than ever and he just loves having lots of new people to play with. The Manly One has started his new job and  that’s going well too, and my head is so full of inspiration and ideas for the year ahead. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday over Christmas and New Year and are enjoying 2013 so far. Will return to my usual blogging habits in a few weeks once everything has settled down. I have some big things planned for this year and my blog, so watch this space! I’ll leave you now with some recent photos of the fam and I:


IMG_5700IMG_5703IMG_5847IMG_6186 IMG_6249


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