Housekeeping and home-making

A new year, a new house, a new home. 2013 holds so much promise for us, and I am so excited. We’ve begun packing up our little flat and small though it is, we have so much stuff. It got me thinking about my life next year and the challenges I will face as my sweet little baby becomes a curious toddler. The more I thought, the more I wondered… What can I do to make life easier? Especially in terms of housekeeping. Usually, I tackle household stuff as I think of it, however, since having my little one myself becoming more forgetful. I was recently horrified when I realised I hadn’t cleaned the shower since he was born. Four months ago. I know, gross. So, I put my foot down and said to myself: This has to change! But naturally of course, I forgot…. So this is me deciding – This year is going to be a fresh start. We’re going to be in a new home, a new place and a new life. So this morning, while my little one napped, I made these charts:weekly choreseachseasonmonth6 to 12 months

I started with a blank piece of paper word document and divided it into sections: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally, Half Yearly and Annually. I then filled in each section with chores, accordingly. After I filled in what I could think of, I cheated and did a quick google search. I came up with heaps of results but my favourite sites were this one, this one, this one and this one. They were great for filling in the gaps that I missed, things I only generally do when I go on a cleaning binge. This is great, I thought to myself. If I break it down like this, running a family household is going to be a piece of cake! (sort of…)

When I finished my lists, I looked at them and thought they looked a bit plain, so I jazzed them up a little in Photoshop. I’m always more motivated to do things when my list looks pretty. When we move, I plan to print them out and keep them on the fridge, so I don’t forget! I felt so good having a plan (I really love planning) and I hope this is one I can stick to!


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