Charlie meets Great-Grandad Hinton

And Uncle Malcolm!

Last night, we made a trip across town so Charlie could meet his Great Grandad Hinton, who is nearly 91 years old! Manly One’s dad, step-mum and uncle were also there, so we had the rare opportunity to capture four generations in one room:

IMG_4719It was amazing to see the family resemblance between them all – it definitely looked like Charlie belonged. It was also his first time meeting Uncle Malcolm and that was so funny – Charlie just stared for a little bit before giving him a snuggle and then slapping him in the face (Charlie’s new favourite game) He also got see his Nanna Dale again, who he absolutely adores! I was struck by his house, full to the brim with CD’s, cassette tapes and records. I also got to see some old family photographs, which were hanging on the walls. So many memories in one house, it was just amazing. It had been a nice day so after tea, we went out on the deck to enjoy the warm summer’s eve.



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