Colour play: Blue Discovery Box


This was a fun activity Charlie and I did yesterday. A few weeks ago, we discovered that he likes the colour blue. He always favours blue toys and if he sees something blue, he’s guaranteed to want to touch it. So I decided that this week we would do blue things! To start, I made him a blue-themed discovery box. Most discovery boxes I’ve seen are aimed at older babies but I feel like younger babies (Charlie is 5 months old this week) will benefit from it too! To make a discovery box is so simple. Go on a “blue hunt” around the house and fill the box with as many different blue (or whichever colour you choose) things you can find. If your child is older, it might be fun to involve them in this! But as Charlie can’t really move around, I just did it while he took his nap. In our box we had:

  • Blue tinsel
  • Blue Christmas decorations (not glass!!! very important!)
  • Blue rubber ducky
  • Blue balls
  • Blue elephant soft toy
  • Blue DIY Shaker
  • Blue Sensory bag
  • Blue themed oil and water sensory bottle
  • Blue patty pans
  • And we also had a blue blanket to lay on


Charlie had a lot of fun with this activity. He seemed very happy being surrounded by his favourite colour and having a lot of different things to play with. With older babies and children, it works best if you let them explore the box themselves. But because Charlie is a bit younger I helped him explore them a bit.  I changed his position often from tummy time to sitting to laying on his back. One important thing to remember is to ensure that the items you choose aren’t too small or made from chemicals that are harmful to babies. Charlie puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so it was essential that the items I chose would not pose any danger to him. I really recommend this activity as it doesn’t take much to prepare and babies love it! It’s also very adaptable, Discovery Boxes are beneficial to children from 4 months up to preschool age and possibly longer!IMG_4554



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