Daytripping: Raglan

This weekend, we caught up with the Manly One’s Mum and Step-dad. They have a caravan in Raglan, so we went over for a day trip. Raglan is about 40 minutes out of Hamilton and I loved the drive. Even though I’m looking forward to being back in the south, I think I will always find the Waikato pretty. I just adore the scenery – the rolling hills and lush bush are absolutely breathtaking.

When we arrived, D (the Manly One’s mum) was about to go for a swim at the beach, so we joined her. Well sort of. We didn’t bring our bathers because we though it was so hot and muggy, it looked like it was going to rain. Luckily Charlie was wearing board shorts so he got to go for a dip! But first, we sat in the shade and let him play with the sand – he loved it! Raglan is a black sand beach and it stuck to him everywhere!

After that, we went back to their camping spot, dried him off and changed his clothes. We then attempted to get him to have a nap but he had other plans! In the end, he had a wee sleep and we sat under the shade and caught him with D. It was such a nice day, and I really love going on road trips with my little fam!



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