My first attempt at making bandana style dribble bibs

For about a month, we’ve noticed that our sproglet has become one dribbly little monster! And he’s not even teething yet! Like many parents, we’ve fallen in love with bandana style dribble bibs – they’re practical and totally stylish! My favourite are Skibz Bibz but I’ve been thinking about making some of my own for a while now. I’ve seen a few awesome tutorials here, here, here and here and after having a good read through I thought  “yeah, that’s something I could make!” I didn’t follow the instructions word for word though but I used the tutorials as inspiration and followed the basic idea.

I started by making a pattern or template. To do this I traced a triangle shape onto a piece of baking paper and cut it out. Then I pinned it to the fabric I was going to use. I had some gorgeous fabric left over from when I made bow tie onesies for Charlie to wear to my mum’s wedding. For the backing, you’d ideally want something absorbent like toweling, however I didn’t have any on hand and didn’t feel like cutting up one of our bath towels. So instead I improvised and used an old style cloth  nappy – you know, the big white cotton squares with red stripes on the edges? Yeah, those. You don’t need much – a FQ’s worth would probably do you perfectly.

After I’d cut out my fabric, I pinned them together, right sides in. Now, I had planned on doing two layers of the backing but, when I got out my sewing machine for the first time since it arrived a couple of months ago (before that it had been at my mum’s down in Christchurch) I realised that I had no bobbins! I thought to myself, “we’ll I’ve come this far, may as well keep going” so I got out me ol’ needle and thread! And since I was hand-sewing, I didn’t really want the hassle of having to do three layers, so I stuck with just the two.

I started at the right hand corner stitched around the edge, stopping when I had a few inches short of going all the way round. I then turned my fabric inside out so the pretty pattern of my fabric was now facing right side out. I turned it completely, pushing out the corners making sure it looked good. I then continued to sew until I had stitched up the gap. I gave it a quick press on the iron and then attached two snaps so it could be done up!

Et voilà! My first attempt at a bandana bib! I thought it turned out pretty good, considering my set backs! [Note to self: When sewing (or doing anything really!) please ensure that you have all necessary materials for the project!] I’ll admit, my stitching is a little sloppy but the bibs work ok as bibs. However, I think next time I will try using toweling or perhaps splash out and get some fancy-schmancy super absorbent stuff!, like a microfiber! Maybe a miracle shammy? Haha!

Anyway, jokes aside, this was a really fun project and didn’t take up too much time (I’m a little iffy about projects that take ages and require a lot of work) If you’re thinking about Making your own bandana/dribble bib, please check out the tutorials I listed above! They’re really good!


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