DIY sensory bags and shakers

DIY sensory bags and shakers

Instead of joining the hoards of people down at the mall, Charlie and I are staying in this boxing day. The manly one is at work and it’s a bit of an inside day so I thought to entertain myself I would make some sensory bags and shakers for my little one. Sensory play is really good as it stimulates baby and helps him discover his senses. These items, that are easily made from every day house items, engage three of the five senses – tough, sight and sound. There are many great DIY sensory ideas out there, especially on pinterest and so many of them I am eager to try out. These are the first of many sensory items that I will surely make over the years. I love them because they’re simple and yet babies find them so entertaining .Charlie is four and a half months and is learning how to control his hands and pick up things that he finds interesting. He loves bright colours and feeling stuff (he tries to touch EVERYTHING) so I thought that he would enjoy these. I also thought  he would enjoy the shakers because transfixed by noises and really loves music. We have a variety of shakers around the house and most of the time, when he is upset, he is easily calmed by their different sounds! That, and the fact that I had some left over paint pots I didn’t want to throw away. So anyway, here they are, the finish products:IMG_4336IMG_4335IMG_4337

These were so easy to make and took maybe fifteen minutes to assemble. There are a variety of different ways to make sensory bags but for these simple ones, I used:

  • Ziploc bags
  • Clear packing tape and
  • Finger paint

To assemble simply throw the paint in the bag, close and seal up with tape. I also used the tape to cover all four edges of the bag, to maximise the durability! After I had finished all three, I looked at the leftover paint pots and thought that they would make great shakers! I really liked that the lids were coloured and textured, and also matched the paint in the bags (obviously!) I looked in my pantry and filled them with various items. This is what I used, but you could use anything really!IMG_4338

The first one contains rolled outs and makes a soft sound when shaken, the middle contains uncooked pasta which makes a louder sound and the last contains water with blue food colouring, which sloshes! Charlie loved hearing the different sounds, though after I made them, the blue one started leaking so I had to seal the lid on with tape! Don’t want a dye our babies blue now, do we? I also wrote the colour of the lid on a piece of paper and taped that over the label. Obviously he doesn’t understand what they mean yet but it’s never to early to start exposes them to things they’ll learn later in life. He also really likes words and letters (yay!) he has a few board books and rarely looks at the pictures, he’s more drawn to the words! I think he likes the lines and shapes, though, he’s only four months old so when I asked, he replied with “Dadadadadaaaaa!” (His favourite thing to say… Why can’t it be mamamamama? Haha, just kidding) so don’t quote me on that! Haha. Anywho, he really enjoyed them so if you have a baby and some free time, I highly recommend giving them a go! For more ideas, check out this blog post on Mama OT! IMG_4276IMG_4315IMG_4333



3 thoughts on “DIY sensory bags and shakers

    • Thank you! They are great fun and to be honest, I’ve had a hard time putting down the sensory bags myself! My post was very basic but there are literally soooo many great ideas out there for things to put in them! I found Mama OT’s list so great and will be trying a few of them out in the very near future!

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