Film Review: Un heureux événement (2011)

A Happy Event Blu-ray Cover

Un heureux événement (A Happy Event) 2011

We watched this film last night and I was astounded. I expected it to be like “What To Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)” but it wasn’t at all! Instead of cheesy love stories and cliches, A Happy Event is an intimate view on motherhood and becoming a family.

I was surprised by the truth in this film – it is definitely one which breaks the rose-tinted view of parenthood and exposes real life. It shows what it is really like to be dog-tired every single day. How hard it is to juggle homelife, work and school. How having a baby effects your relationship. How it feels to just want to be able to sit down and finish your cup of tea before it goes cold. How frustrating it is when you have a partner who comes home from work and is “too tired” to tend to the baby.  What it’s like to have an overbearing MIL who won’t respect your choice to breastfeed. And most importantly, how much love you have for your child.

It covers many aspects and decisions that come with parenthood in the 21st century. From what stroller to buy to whether it is okay to give baby a bottle or not. It shows how different generations have different views on mothering and the relationship between a parent and her own parents when she herself becomes a mother. It shows the strain a baby can put on a relationship, sexual or otherwise and the trials and triumphs that come with devoting your whole life to another (little) person. It’s not all negative though, somehow, amongst all the struggles the modern mother faces, this film manages to capture the lovliness of parenthood, from the view of both mother and father.

This film is raw and yet beautiful at the same time. The script is meaningful and not a word nor syllable seems wasted. I think this is a film that almost every mother can relate to and identify with. I think anyone with kids or TTC should give this a watch (if you ever get the time…) Just thought I should add that it is french and has subtitles but I think that makes it all the more beautiful (but perhaps I am a little biased….) 10/10 from me!


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