My thoughts on being a mother

This evening I wanted to share with you my thoughts on being a mother. When you are a mother, you can’t imagine your life without your child. It’s almost as if that tiny person has always been a part of your world and it’s difficult to remember who you were before. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. The love you feel is indescribable, for your baby and for the world. Becoming a mother parts the shroud and brings to you a sense of belonging. You feel as if you are connected to the earth, just as you are connected to your child. I have found myself more empathetic and giving since becoming a mother. News stories touch me, music moves me more than ever. Simply gazing up at the moon brings me to tears.  Once you have created life, you are aware of it everywhere.

The love for your child – oh I could write line upon line on how much you will love your child. It is a love you’ve never known, the most pure and special kind. Sometimes when I look at my Charlie, I am brought to tears. He is so precious, I find it hard to believe that I was capable of producing such beauty and wonder. You share in their joy and equally in their pain. The sound of your child crying is the worst imaginable and I don’t know a single mother out there that wouldn’t walk to the end of the earth to comfort their dear one. Their successes fill you with pride, the same pride that you see flash across their face as they master a new skill. The look they give you when they’re sleepy will melt your heart. And the feeling of chubby baby arms around your shoulders is the best in the world. When you have a child, you just love them so much, you would do anything to make them happy.

Becoming a mother has made me appreciate my own mother more than ever.To know that someone loves you as much as you love this little person is quite overwhelming. To know that once you were cared for as you care is a strange thought. And to know that they will always be there as you will for your child is very comforting. When you become a mother you finally understand all those things your mother told you, all those instances where she exclaimed in exasperation “You’ll know what I mean you have kids of your own!” and you highly doubted that. As soon as your child is born, you feel the immense urge to rush up to her and say, “Yes, you were right! I understand now!” When you are a mother, you look back on your own mother and feel lucky and blessed.

When you become a mother, you become a family. Even if that is a family of two. And family is one of the most important things there is. Since we’ve become a family, I have fallen even more in love with DF, though I never thought that was possible. Knowing that our little one shares his blood, and mine, is such a powerful feeling. Knowing that we are bound together by this little person, this tiny human, is breathtaking. Knowing that without him, our child could not be is astounding. And knowing that there is someone out there who loves him just as much as I do is amazing.

Being a mother gives you hope. Being a mother opens your eyes. Being a mother makes you connected. Being a mother is the best thing in the world.


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