Pretty little Christmas – Paper lantern fairy lights

It’s probably way too early but last night we found ourselves putting up the first decorations of the season – in the form of these pretty little lanterns that we got for a steal from Cotton On’s home ware and stationary line, Typo. I like them because they’re bright and cheerful and something a bit different to the usual Christmas tinsel or crepe paper strewn across doorways and ceilings. Christmas in New Zealand is lovely as it occurs almost in the middle of our summer…and by coincidence or otherwise, we always seem to have beautiful weather on the big day. There are a lot of things I love about New Zealand Christmases – from the beautiful weather and long nights, the sun lingering a little later than usual to beach days and BBQ’s – but Christmas always seems a bit odd. Mostly because we try to follow northern traditions – Roasts, Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen… it just doesn’t fit. So this year, our theme is to have a Pretty Little Christmas, filled with all things fresh and bright! This year, instead of going for the red and gold Christmas colour scheme that I usually adore, I’m going to try something different! And I feel like these beautiful paper lantern fairy lights are a great start!



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