Getting grabby

Charlie has recently figured out grabbing, which is something DF and I just love watching. From time to time, he gets a little grumpface because he can’t quite co-ordinate his hands properly but we just encourage him to keep going and he usually gets it in the end! It’s so much fun watching him learn and discover new things, one of the many¬†pleasures that come with raising a child. If you think about it, the amount of things babies have the ability to learn is just amazing and has definitely put things into perspective for me. Simple acts like holding your head up and being able to grab are all skills that you have to learn, and I think I now understand why babies cry so much! It must be frustrating (and tiring) having to learn how to express your needs and wants, especially if you know exactly what they are! Babies amaze me. Humans amaze me. But most of all, my child amazes me. He is so wonderful, it’s very hard to believe that DF and I were able to create such a beautiful person.



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