Three months post baby

And photos of frizzy hair and general weirdness.

I have more energy now due to my iron levels heading back up to where they’re supposed to be and I feel slightly less dead that I have been these past few months (after the delivery I haemorrhaged and lost 1/5th of my blood – yep not pretty) I still find trying to fit in exercise/a workout hard though as I still get quite tired. The weather is improving so I do try and get out with Charlie during the day. My “workouts” these days mostly come in the form of dancing like a maddy in front of my baby… Charlie loves it when I prop him up on the couch and dance like a loony around the living room. It’s actually quite tiring, I aim for about 10 minutes of solid dancing, 3 or 4 times a day. I think it’s a great way to squeeze in some exercise, while entertaining my little bug! And BOY does he smile when I get goofy on him!

Not the first time though… the first time, he looked at me like this:

 I love it, it’s like “Mum… what are you doing? Mum… you’re weird…”

Gosh, I love him, he’s such a character! But anyway, if anyone has some tips on fitting in exercise in a way which doesn’t feel like you’re doing exercise, I’d be very appreciative… I need to get to work on this tum, it’s all wobbly and stuff… not ideal for summer!!!!!


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