Three months old!

Woweee, how did we get here already? I’m always surprised when I sit down and realise that he’s another month older… by golly, time surely does fly when you are having fun! My little kitten is growing up and don’t we know it!!! Charlie is so full of personality and spunk and just between you and me, he’s a little bit of a man-diva! Yes, that’s right – he’ll definitely tell you if you’re doing something he doesn’t like!

Sleep – Sleep is much better and I’m enjoying his longer stretches as night! He currently goes to sleep between 6pm and 7pm and we wake him around 11pm for a feed. Sometimes he’ll sleep through to 3am or 4am but if we’re lucky, he’ll carry on right through to mornin’… YUSS!

Eat – A sad time has fallen upon us. Charlie has started favoring his bottle over my breast because he’s a bit lazy and perfers the faster flow of the teat. Luckily for me though, I have a milk supply that could quite possibly rival a cow and  we still manage a couple of breastfeeds a day when he’s feeling lovely and snuggly. I had planned to breastfeed him til he’s six to eight months old, so fingers crossed we make it there, even if it’s not exclusively. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have him cuddled up next to me while I feed him, seeing his big blue eyes looking up at me. It’s just the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. On another note, he also has started trying to feed himself but his fingers are still too little to hold onto his bottle, though he does have a good grip! So to help him along, we bought him a BA bottle holder from Babybanz. We only got it yesterday so he’s still getting used to it.. it’s very cute watching him try to figure it out! He’s also started watching us eat…. getting ready for solids!

Play – One of the best things about being a parent is getting down on the ground and playing with your little baby. We’ve been trying to get him on his tummy more as until about a week ago, he hated it and would screech like a banshee if I tried to get him to have some. But he doesn’t mind it so much now which is wonderful because he is getting so strong! At playtime Charlie likes… playing with bubbles, looking at his reflection, playing under his play gym/mobile, sitting up, singing, dancing, assisted rolling, flying through the air, playing/looking at leaves, trips to the supermarket, trips to the mall.

Clothes – Still wears some newborns! Especially pants, he’s a such a shorty! But getting into some 0-3’s now!

Milestones – Should…

Recognize face and scent
Hold head steady
Visually track moving object


Squeal, gurgle, coo
Blow bubbles
Recognize your voice
Do a mini-push up


Roll from tummy to back  {he actually went the other way! back to tummy!}
Turn toward loud sounds
Be able to bring hands together, bats at toys

Also this month… First roll!  – When he was about 10 or 11 weeks old he somehow managed to flip himself over from his back to his tummy, much to my surprise! I didn’t see it happen though, I was busy getting his bath ready and when I came back there he was, on his tummy! Crazy! It seems that he’s content with that now as he hasn’t done it again……


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