This week in inspiration: Eat, Drink, Bake & Create

As the weather has been improving, I’ve found myself quite inspired. It’s almost as if winter has just taken off it’s murky coat, revealing beneath it, whimsy a plenty! And as such, I thought I would start a new weekly segment on my blog called “Eat, Drink, Bake and Create” At the moment, it’s mostly just inspiration… I’m sure many mothers out there will know how having a new baby around often means that you don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. However, Charlie is fast approaching the glorious three month mark, so hopefully, I will have a little  time to myself to put these wonderful ideas into practice!  As I said in my previous post, we’re rejoicing in the beauty that is spring – and how lovely it is to see families of birds nestled beneath the many abundant trees that this season has brought. And that’s kind of the theme for this post – spring delights! I’ll start first with some salad inspiration. Just as in the winter, my body craves hearty soups and roast dinners – spring brings forth my desire for a delicious salad!

{This scrummy salad contains cottage cheese, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and cracked black pepper…. doesn’t it just look so temoting? Sometimes, I really just NEED a good salad…. DF knows all about this, as during my pregnancy, I constantly craved the Chicken Caesar Salad from Lonestar… this resulted in quite a few nights out, and in a way, it was a lovely opportunity to relax and spend some time together before embracing our new lives as parents. But anyway, back to the Salad! Yummy and reasonably healthy (the calorie counter does go up a bit once you add the cheese and dressings… but hey, what’s life without a little cheese and dressing on the side???) I also like this salad because it looks so hearty! Most people think that salads are there only to accompany mains, however, this is not true! A good hearty salad can fill you up just as a good as your ol’ meat and three vege… Just remember the golden rule: The more colours the better!}

{If you enjoy the sweet taste of Elderflower, you’ll love this lush range of refreshers, handcrafted in New Zealand by Aroha Drinks. For those not familiar with the Elderflower, it is a herb which has been used for thousands (yes, thousands!) of years and is the oldest herb cultivated by man! It has many benefits and has been used to build the immunity, fight off allergies and colds, purify the blood, detox the body and help relieve respiratory problems. Not only that, but it’s totally delish to boot! I think they’d make lovely refreshments for a spring garden party or wedding… any event really! I haven’t come across any of these yet but am definitely keeping my eyes peeled out for them in cafe drink coolers! And if I don’t find any soon, I might just put an order in as I’m so keen to try them out!}

{Now, this is where I fall off the health wagon and ever so quickly board the naughty train! Check out these darling Popsicle Brownies, courtesy of! Now, if you read my blog, you’ll probably have seen this post and gathered that I like brownies. So naturally, when I saw these, I feel in love… and what’s not to love – they’re cute, colourful and look so yummy, I almost want to lick my computer screen!  A perfect treat for a spring picnic or kid’s party, or  just because you feel like it! To be honest, turning a brownie into a Popsicle would have never crossed my mind but just goes to show how clever some people are when it comes to food! Sadly, despite my love for food and baking, that is not me… However, I really admire those who add a little creative flair to their food – and WOW, this sure fits the bill!}

{Of course, if you’re going to bake something tasty, you have to have something stylish to show it off on! And this brings me neatly to this awesome tutorial from thecraftingchicks for this easy DIY treat stand. I have spent many a day gazing into the windows of department stores, dreaming about pretty bakeware and crockery, wishing I could add a couple of extra zeros to the end of my bank balance. But then I saw this and opened my eyes to a newer, brighter world… Why spend lots of money on expensive cake display stands when you can just whip one of these up using some thrifted plates and a couple of candlestick holders!!!? So simple and easy, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself! There are so many possibilities with these, I don’t even know where to start! They would make wonderful Christmas or wedding gifts and would be perfect for party hosting – just find some plates that fit your theme et voilà! Gorgeous treat stands in seconds!}

Sooo, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Monday can be a tricky day at the best of times so, I find a bit of inspiration to get you through the week is not only beneficial, but necessary! And dear readers, if you give any of these things a go – let me know how you get on! I plan on trying out the salad tomorrow after I do the groceries (something I try to avoid doing these days….) Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get a chance to try out the cake stand until after we move – I don’t really think DF will appreciate me replacing our slowly-emptying cupboards with stacks of plates and candlesticks… speaking of, if anyone knows of anyone in Hamilton looking for a cot, we have a Touchwood 4-in-1 Cot that we are looking to sell for a really good price…. Leave a comment if you’re interested….

Happy days everyone!


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