Saying hello to the SPOOKY SEASON!

I must admit, even though I enjoy living down under, I do get a bit jealous of all you lovelies in the Northern hemisphere. While y’all are carving pumpkins and enjoying delicious hot soups, we’re ringing in spring with daffodils and cherry blossoms. At the end of October, our days are getting longer as the sun stretches out her arms, lingering a little later in the evenings. Everything seems bright and lovely and we’re heading full-steam ahead into our beautiful summer, which is nothing to complain about at all but just once, I would love to experience Halloween and Christmas as you do up top! Halloween in New Zealand is a bit of a non-event, which disappoints me greatly as I love a chance to dress up and get my party on! We give a gentle nod to it but it’s definitely not celebrated as enthusiastically as it is in America! (And Canada for that matter!) However, that can’t stop me from dreaming! Here are some of my spooky favourites, perfect for gettin’ a little freaky this Halloween!

Gosh, I just love halloween stuff and I haven’t even gone into costumes… speaking of, figure out who said this and you’ll have a wee hint at what we’ll be donning this October 31st….. ““Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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