On my mind today

Lovely things for little boys
My favourite beautiful things for beautiful boys! If you’ve ever been into a baby store, I’m sure you will have noticed that giant wall of pink – the one overflowing with gorgeous things for little girls. Cute hairbands, dollies,  pretty dresses… pretty much anything you could ever want for your little princess. Then, as you leave you pass the boys section, hidden away in the corner. Yes that’s right – the one trucks and cars and maybe if you’re lucky, some spaceships or dinosaurs. Okay, maybe I’m over-exaggerating a bit but when I was pregnant, I thought that lovely things for little boys didn’t exist! I couldn’t have been more wrong actually – if you look in the right places, you’ll find that there are so many gorgeous things out there for your wee bambino. They may not be as readily available as things for girls but I can assure you – they ARE out there! As well as these things, there are a lot of work-at-home-mum’s who make lovely things for your little boys. Etsy has far too many things want to buy, it’s unfair. I also love Felt.co.nz, New Zealand’s answer to etsy! Craft fairs and markets are a great for lovely one-of-a-kind finds! It was hard to narrow it down as I’ve found SO many great products and I haven’t even covered clothing and fashion in this post! (might do one later, as I have found so many, I could probably write a whole blog about them)  Here are my top picks for boy’s things anyway:

Neon tipped shoes from Schier – I love these beauties. They come all the way from Namibia and are handmade – they only make about 20 a day! They have a great variety of tradtional Velskoen shoes and I love every single one of them! However, I think the neon tip ones are just too cute! Of course, they are quality shoes and are made to last so can be used with all your children (if you plan on having more than one!) but they also run a great donation service – You send your used shoes back and they donate them to a child in need over there. Then you receive 10% off your next purchase! It took some smiles but I think I’ve finally convinced DF to let me buy some for Charlie as his first pair of real shoes… Maybe! Ha ha!

Skibz Dribble Bibs – The original award winning bandanna bib! I love their funky patterns and designs and great range of colours!

Nature baby tee pee – And other products! They have a lovely organic baby range, in lovely neutral/earthy tones suitable for either girls or boys. I love their teepees though, aren’t they just beautiful??

Plush dolls from Alimrose – And other dolls for boys!  I love these adorable plus dolls from Aussie designer Alimrose. They’re just too sweet! Whoever it was that said that dolls aren’t for boys is an idiot (in my opinion, of course…) Hopefully, we plan on TTC again late next year, so I want to encourage lots of nurture play with Charlie from an early age.

Jurassic MadPax bags- MadPax is the maker of THE COOLEST kid’s backpacks around!

Chan and Gnon –  Sophie The Giraffe’s new best friends! French teething toy extraordinaire Vulli’s latest additions!


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