Nuk “anti colic” bottles + winding tips

So, usually I post about products that we just adore but a few weeks ago, we bought a couple of these:

It’s an “anti-colic” bottle by Nuk and supposedly is specially designed to stop baby from taking in air when he eats. Now I’m not sure if it’s just Charlie but honest-to-blog, they really don’t work for us! He actually ended up with MORE wind when we used them! They’re not terrible though, Charlie likes the nipple-shaped teat, similar to his Nuk pacifier (which we ALL love… haha) The problem I have with them is that they work just as well as any other regular bottle which kinda of isn’t the point! We’ve had a few problems with his gas since he was born but it seems to be getting better now, I guess it just took a bit of time for his digestive system to mature. But I thought I’d share with you all our tips and tricks for helping bring that wind up!

Gripe water is your friend – We’ve tried so many different products to help settle an ease his tummy but the best by far has GOT to be Hartley’s Natural Gripe Water. It helps bring the wind up almost instantly, with a little help from us. The only downside for us is that Charlie just hates the taste, he scrunches up his face and then he squeals like a little piglet for a few seconds… But we figure, it’s much better that he spends a brief moment tasting something he doesn’t like, than spend up to an hour (how long it would sometimes take us to burp him!) with trapped gas in his tummy! Oh, should add! If your little one doesn’t like the taste, have some kind of cloth on hand – Sometimes Charlie just likes to spit it out!

Tummy rubs and back pats – So, if you’ve got a baby, you’ll definitely know that rubbing/patting the back is a good way to get wind up, but what we didn’t put together (I’m going to say for lack of sleep.. because it seems rather obvious) is that stomach massage can work wonders too! We sit Charlie upright and place firm, gentle pressure on his upper abdomen area, working down his side to just above his nappy line. Then we continue up the other side until we are back to where we started. If you can, feel for pockets of air and try to massage them out. Sometimes we lay him face up across our laps to do this. Afterwards, we sit him up and pat his back. We usually get a burp almost straight away.

It might not be a burp he needs…. – Sometimes, he just needs a good fluff! If you don’t get all the air out in a burp, the wind turns into gas bubbles which can then get stuck inside baby’s intestines. This can cause pain and a horribly gassy baby! When this happens, we’ve found that lower abdominal massage and leg pumping/cycle very helpful. If this is not working, try different positions. Sometimes bringing him into the from the laying to sitting position can force gas out and vice versa. The same goes for leg pumping/cycling. If that is not working, bend baby’s leg at knee and gently bring up and across the opposite side of the body. This can also help expel the trapped air… which I can tell you from experience, after an hour of trying to wind your wiggly grizzly baby, will feel like a small victory! I can honestly say that I’ve never been more happy to hear someone fart in my life!

And sometimes, you just have to wait it out. They say it takes three months for a baby’s digestive system to develop properly which can result in gas, colic and a lot of tears (not just for the baby!) It’s important to remember that  all things in life are fleeting and just because things may not be ideal at the moment, doesn’t mean to say it will always be this way. I can see you rolling your eyes right now. If you’re having a hard time at the moment, that may sound like the most unhelpful advice in the world. But it does get better. The second week we had Charlie home, we decided to go out on a family walk. Along the way, we came across a man in his 30’s with two under fives… Although we were “beaming” (we felt that way, but looking back on the photos, we resembled a pair of zombies!) He looked at us sympathetically and said “The first six weeks… that’s the hardest part. Once you get past those first six weeks, you can get past anything” In retrospect, that is so true! So if you’re having a tricky time, keep my two favourite phrases (and personal mantras!) in mind: “This too shall pass” and “The best is yet to come” 

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Nuk “anti colic” bottles + winding tips

  1. Our #1 trick was a tiny bit if warm water, about 5ml, before and after each feed. Gas was never really a prob once we started doin that. It just exploded out of her in noise levels that could rival the best beer swillers at the pub

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