Where has the time gone?

Today is October 7th, which means that Chunky is TWO MONTHS OLD TODAY!



Holy cow, it seems like just yesterday that we brought him home, peering down at him nervously, slowly finding our feet as parents (“the books” really don’t prepare you for what life with a newborn is like) Now our itty bitty bag of squish is a slightly bigger itty bitty bag of squish and I am loving (almost) every moment of mamahood!

Here’s a wee update on things at the moment:

Sleep – Our babe has very recently decided that instead of sleeping during the day, he’d much rather be awake having cuddles and knawing on his fists. We try to keep to the “one hour up, then back to sleep” rule but sometimes he is very sure that staying up is what he wants to do, so cuddles it is. Night sleeping is still a bit iffy but getting there!

Eat – This has been an issue for us the past couple of weeks as it seems that Charlie enjoys snacking, which is… not so good. Babies his age should have around 6 feeds in a 24 hour time frame but we reckon he has  between 8 and 10 small ones. I read that apparently, snacking occurs when babies are given food, when all they really want is to suckle. As a result, we’ve stopped demand feeding for a little while and are gradually spacing out his feeds. Hopefully this will mean that he goes to bed with a full tummy and sleeps a bit longer! Also, to help him sleep better at night, we’ve been trying to introduce a dream feed before we go to bed. It’s a work in progress and we’re not entirely sure if it’s working yet, as he still wakes at his usual times {12am, 3am and 6am} out of habit. I don’t mind the 12am wake up but I’d love to try an eliminate that pesky 3am one…. more to come soon..

Play – Ohh play time, we love our play time! Play time at the moment includes baths, talking, singing, dancing, bouncing, kickin’ around in the nud, watching TV and playing under his play gym. He’s so cute when we play, he smiles so big and ohhhh my, it just melts my heart! Charlie really loves music so we sing to him a lot. His favourites include “Gallumph went the little green Frog” and “The itsy bitsy spider” He also enjoys a couple of french ones, “Pomme de Reinette” and the french “ABC’s” He also really likes Baby Eisenstein because he’s a clever little clog.

Milestones – At two months, most babies will…

  • Vocalise sounds – gurgling and cooing
  • Follow objects across field of vision
  • Notice his hands {although, he’s just starting to now!}
  • Hold his head up for short periods
  • Smile and laugh
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
  • Makes smoother movements
  • Hold head steady
  • Can bear weight on legs
  • Do a mini push up  {By golly is this kid strong! We test his neck and head strength every now and again by gently pulling him up from laying down to a sitting position. By three months of age, babies should be able to keep their head in line with their shoulders… we did this last night and he was able to do it three times in a row!)

Also this month: First Cold and First Real Smiles – A couple of weeks ago, we fought our way through Charlie’s first cold, which ironically, I think we picked up at the doctors at his six week imms. We both came down with sniffy noses and icky coughs and I found that very challenging. Usually when I get sick, I just lounge around like a lazy lizard, complaining about how grotty I feel to anyone who’ll listen. But, when you’re a mum and your honey bee is sick too, that luxury seems like something from another life. But after a week of lurginess, we bounced back and now we’re happy as Larry, which is just as well as at six weeks old, Charlie showed off his cute gummy grin! And what a happy little grin it is (and sometimes a bit mischevious!)




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