Post baby body – 2 months

Post baby body - 2 months

Not too bad… in clothes, anyway… the ol’ tum needs a bit of work, it’s still all squidgy… but I’m gettting there! The weather’s been a bit shite these past few weeks, so my walk for the day usually takes place while I wander around the mall…. two birds, one stone, ha!

Other things I’ve been trying:

  • drinking instead of eating when I feel like snacking
  • using a side plate for my meals
  • doing squats/lunges in the kitchen while I wait for the microwave

Also, i’ve been trying to make sure I at least attempt to change my clothes/do hair, make up etc every day…. it’s far too easy to become a troll otherwise… oh and by the way! new mums and mamas to be…. invest in some darker clothes… seriously. Black will be your new favourite colour…


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