One rainy day in spring…

We all turned up to say a big huzzah! and celebrate my beautiful mama’s marriage to the one and only Chester Dexter. It started off as a gorgeous morning, the sun beaming down, appearing to promise an equally gorgeous afternoon. However, as luck would have it, the sky christened us with big fat rain drops, bringing it’s blessing on the union! It wasn’t your usual “white wedding” but it suited their partnership so well. Set beneath the dewy spring blossoms, you could just tell that it was going to be a beautiful celebration of their love. At 3pm, we all gathered ’round the peace bell in eager anticipation. The celebrant was already there and looked very majestic in robes and a little hat.  While we waiting, a piece of Rose Quartz was passed around for each guest to cradle and fill with our love and best wishes. Soon, heads turned as we saw two happy souls crossing the bridge over the river to join us. Those two souls were Mum and Chester, of course! My mum looked stunning in a lovely floral number from Anna Stretton and Chester walked alongside her, glowing in the light of her beauty. The ceremony began with (what I think) was a prayer/greeting in Te Reo and an introduction of how they met. Everyone giggled when the celebrant stated,  very matter-of-factly, that they met at a Toga Party on New Years Eve as my mum snapped a photo of Chester’s fake testicles that were rather charmingly hanging out of his shorts. She went on to explain the love they have for one another before they exchanged vows and rings.

I can’t remember too much of that because I was busy blubbing away in the corner, lol. Next the celebrant blessed their marriage with a special bell ringing ceremony before inviting us to join in the merriment and ring our bells to celebrate this joyous day!Our bells chimed through the cherries trees proclaiming their love to the world!Then, we were all asked to gather on the lawn for a special ritual called ‘Jumping the Broom’ Black slaves in America were not allowed to marry, so they jumped over a broomstick as a way to celebrate their union. This was a symbol of both their freedom and their commitment to one another. The celebrant then asked my brothers (who looked handsome in their new suits) to hold both ends of the broom as they jumped off the steps and onto the ground below.  Everyone cheered and clapped and as by magic, the rain stopped. The happy couple shone as they greeted their guests with smiles, hugs and kisses. It really was a beautiful ceremony. They had planned to have a picnic afterward but it was a bit nippy so everyone headed off to local bar, Pegasus’ Arms. Unfortunately, my babe and I were feeling under the weather as we were getting through Charlie’s first cold (poor baby) so we didn’t stay long. Everyone looked as though they were enjoying themselves. It was a wonderful wedding and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way! So, friends, raise your glass (or pretend to) and give a quick toast to my mumma, to love… and to a beautiful and happy marriage!






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