Here are my monthly favourites


Nature’s Sway Hammock and Sling

A favourite by both Charlie & me. Charlie loves the hammock as it swings, sways, rocks and bounces. I love the sling because Charlie is a little limpet and hates being put down by himself. It’s so good to have my hands back!

Vick’s Warm Steam Vaporiser

The past couple of weeks, we’ve been soldering on through Charlie’s first cold (my poor bubby!) He’s been all congested with a chesty cough and a stuffy nose. This cool machine fills the room with warm mentholly vapors which got in and worked it’s magic on his little sinuses.

Boon Grass Drying Rack

Okay, so I must admit… the best thing about this has got to be the way it looks! But aside from that, it’s great for bottles and bottle accessories!

Orange and Turquoise baby clothes

I’m actually obsessed with these colors on Charlie! I especially love this cute polo we got from Country Road and yet another groovy pair of mini leggings from Cotton on Kids

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Star Projector

We just LOVE this cool wee thang! It’s a plush turtle that projects stars from it’s back… what’s not to love about that?! We find it useful at night as it provides enough light for us to see by without blinding us or keeping Charlie awake.

Little Genie Baby Wipes

I didn’t even choose these! My nan picked up some wipes for me on her way home from work and brought these back. I didn’t realise how harsh Huggies Wipes are (the brand we usually buy) until I used a Little Genie wipe on my sore red nose (I caught Charlie’s cold) and then used a Huggies.. The Huggies stung like a fathermucker whereas the Little Genie Wipe was gently and soothing!


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