Planting a Pururi

On Sept 22, 2012, we celebrated Charlie’s birth by planting a tree. Here in kiwi-land, when a baby is born, some parents choose to keep the placenta and plant something special over it. The placenta plays a huge role in a baby’s life and, though it’s not for everyone, I wanted to celebrate it! On DF’s day off, we drove up and picked up our tree from Joy Plants. We chose a NZ native called “Puriri” (Poo-REE-ree) Producer of our strongest wood, it symbolises strength and resilience

It looks tiny here, but that’s cos, like Charlie, it’s just a bubby. But, unlike Charlie, these trees can grow to a whopping 20 meters in height! (compared to Charlie, who, at nearly two months old, is a mere 55cms) It was a nice day so decided to have a walk about the town center. We found ourselves at a little  bakery where we indulged in what was arguably, the worst bacon and egg muffin I’ve ever had (Although, it was slightly better than the time in Cambridge where they charged $5 for a half a shitty sandwhich…blerg. Then we at the weekend, we drove up to Pukekohe with DF’s mum to “The Farm” where his young cousins live. It was really nice to meet some more of his family, and it was great for them to meet Charlie too! We arrived and were greeted by two curious twins B and D and their older sister, K. DF’s Aunt and Uncle put on a beautiful BBQ and we all sat down and enjoyed a lovely lunch together.

Afterwards, we took our little Puriri and wandered out to where we were going to plant the tree. I tottered off in my wedge heels (I must have looked ridiculous…I’m not really and ‘outdoorsy’ person…) I had hoped for a sunshine-y day, however the clouds had other plans and it ended up being quite chilly. But that didn’t stop these two little lambs showed up to join in on the fun!

After we dug the hole, DF’s mum said said some beautiful words to bless the soil:

“We’re here to plant a tree for Charlie. There are lots of reasons why we plant trees, but the one I like best and seems to suit this occasion is this quote by Lucy Larcom: ‘He who plants a tree plants hope’ and that is what we are doing today for Charlie, We are not only planting him a tree, we are planting him some hopes, wishes and dreams for his future. Charlie, may your life be as strong as a tree planted by the streams of living water, bringing forth your fruit it its season, may everything you do prosper and come to maturity. We acknowlege with the planting of this tree, man’s link to the earth and nature and the ways of God. May this tree be blessed and may Charlie’s life also be blessed and may he always be sure of his roots and confident about  his future”

After that, we popped in the placenta and covered it with earth and then planted the tree. It is said that even after birth, the placenta holds many nutrients – the very ones that helped your baby to grow – so if you plant something over it, it will flourish. Here’s hoping our little puriri gets to be big and strong!


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