Random power cut + Bowties for Mum’s wedding

At first I was like:

“What? What was that? Vacuum cleaner, y u has no work anymore?”

And then when I realised that I couldn’t watch TV, blog or listen to music:


And then five minutes later when I realised I couldn’t make tea or toast or heat up food in the microwave:

Seriously… give me my power back. Now. Or else.

Hah, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic… probably. But still, I have no idea how people existed before electricity! It’s definitely something that we take for granted. Luckily it was a nice day so we didn’t get too chilly. It made me think though, I really need to get an emergency survival kit together, especially as I know how chaotic it can be when there actually is a disaster and you don’t have one… (thanks, canterbury quake…) Anyway, with the housework all done and Charlie asleep in his new hammock – which he loves – I didn’t know what to do with myself! So I decided to get crafty and finish off the bowties that I’ve been making for Charlie this week. I wanted to get something kind of smart for Charlie to wear for family events and special occasions… Thing is, baby suits/tuxedos are SO impractical, expensive and outgrown so fast that it’s kind of ridiculous. So, I surfed the web a bit (do people still say that?) and finally found some inspiration in the form of bowties with snaps on the back. All you have to do is secure the opposite side of the snap to the front of a onesie, et voilà! You have yourself a cute little outfit for special ocassions! With the added bonus of being able to make and change the bowties to ANYTHING you want! How perfect is that? What’s more, they’re cute and fun and super easy to make! Here’s the end result, I’m pretty pleased with how they look!


2 thoughts on “Random power cut + Bowties for Mum’s wedding

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