At home with Charlie

For the first few weeks of his tiny little life, Charlie was a very sleepy baby. Now, at almost a month and a half old, he’s spends more of his time awake and enjoys a bit of a play time. Now when I say a bit, I mean really do mean a bit. He’s kinda like a cat in that respect… I’m fairly sure if he could talk he would say “I want you to play with me for exactly five minutes and 3o seconds… not a moment more or less!”  Unfortunately, he can’t talk yet, so we just have to guess. He’s a really “cuddly” baby (some would say fussy…) and he loves to be held. This is what he does when I put him down:

I felt bad taking a howler pic…. but when nothing seems to be working… what else can ya do? Lol.

Sometimes though, we get a few glorious moments of happy baby play time, which is awesome. Our first round is typically around 6am when he wakes up. It starts with a feed and a nappy change and after that, we get his gears off and give him a bit of an “air out” so to speak, lol. He really likes it though, he loves being able to have a kick around with no pants! (and really, who doesn’t enjoy that?!) I especially enjoy this as we get some lovely family time before DF has to get ready for work. And sometimes, if it’s been a tough night and I’m feeling cheeky, it becomes “Daddy Time” while I have a little shnooze…. heh heh heh

At 11am, he wakes from his morning nap and is ready for a feed and a play. I’ve started giving him a mid-morning splash….We were bathing him in the evenings but he seems to enjoy it more earlier in the day. We start with a song as I get him nakie and clean his lil butt. Then, he’s into the bath like a lobster into the pot! And BOY DOES THIS KID LOVE THE WATER! I think he’s really going to enjoy swimming and I can’t wait to take him to the pools! Though it’s easier than I thought, it’s still kinda nerve wracking trying to keep a firm grip on a wet wiggly baby! But being relaxed totally helps! If there’s one thing I’ve learned since being a mum is that everything is much easier if you chillax. Instead of freaking out if  I’m holding him properly or worrying about water getting in his ears, I focus on playing with him. I love washing water over his little tummy and watching him get splashy with his pudgy wee limbs. He’s so cute in the bath. Afterwards, I plonk him down in his towel-covered change pad and wrap him up quickity split to make sure he doesn’t get cold.

The baby I get after each bath is a bit like a lucky dip. Today, I got “whimiscal baby” who entertained me with an array of funny faces. Sometimes though, I get “hungry baby” or “tired baby” or  “didn’t-want-to-get-out-just-yet baby” These babies are generally grump face babies who insist on screaming their little heads off. Not fun, to say the least. After that, I powder him down, have a little play and get him dressed. What we do next depends on what I feel like doing on the day, really. Sometimes, I’ll give him a feed and we’ll go meet DF for lunch on his break. Charlie must find going in the car relaxing because seriously, it’s magical for getting him to sleep. He normally snoozes the whole way through our outings, so that’s pretty good. If I don’t feel like going out, it’s a feed and a nap in his Hammock. We also have a play in the afternoon. At this time, I try to get him to have a go in his play gym or bouncer. The operative word in that sentence is try. Sometimes he’ll have his mind made up and really not be into it. In that case, I just roll with it and give him a cuddle instead. When he does decide that’s what he wants to do, it’s great! Watching him play is so cute, he seems totally mesmerized by all the dangly toys, it’s like watching someone on acid. This week, he’s shown interest in trying to get at them. In his play gym, they’re too far away, so he just reaches up and stares like a little stoner.

His bouncer however, has a little bar of toys that clip on and off. He can reach these ones and likes to swat at them and make them swing, because he’s a smart wee cookie. We suspect he gets a bit frightened by the blue elephant in the middle though… sometimes, if he looks at it too long, he starts crying. My personal opinion is that it’s like Toy Story and when we’re not looking, it comes alive and says mean things to him. So, when no-one’s around, I tell it off… just in case… DF, being the more rational of us, thinks that perhaps he’s frightened of it (I don’t blame him, really. You’d be crying too if, while you were just having a little chillax, a blue elephant appears just centimeters from your face… baby toys are so menacing looking sometimes)

Then, he’s supposed to have a change, feed and nap but that rarely happens these days. Instead, he likes to stay awake and insist he’s not tired. Sometimes we watch telly together, other’s I stick him in his sling and get on with a bit of housework. Then DF comes home from work and he has some “Charlie Time” while I sort out dinner. After dinner, we give him some more “pants free time” before getting him into his jammies. His bedtime play routine is very quiet and subdued – We put on his turtle light and I feed him while we listen to his bed-time song, Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers. After that, we burp him, put him down and turn on his lullaby thingy (although, we’re thinking of getting a white noise machine. Last week, I accidentally turned the TV to one of the dead channels while he was having fit… as soon as he heard the static, his eyes went wide and the screaming stopped. Well done, $12 TV, well done) Then, we cross our fingers and hope for the best…. That’s all you can do, I guess! But anyway, even though life with a newborn is hard and exhausting at times (I barely get a moment to myself in the day… It’s taken me six goes to write this post…) watching him play is so rewarding!


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