R-r-roooooad trip

Sort of. Yesterday, we went for a little adventure to Pukekohe, the town where DF lived when he was just a little nipper. It’s not too far from Hamilton (maybe a 40 minute drive?) but it was nice out on the open road among the beautiful rolling hills. The sun made a few brief appearances, so we took advantage of it went a wanderin’. DF showed us around his favourite spots, sharing stories along the way. We visited the two houses where he lived, his old school and had a drive around the town center. It’s such a quaint little town, I bet it was a beautiful place to grow up.

We eventually found ourselves on Dublin Street, the street where DF grew up. When we arrived,  he was surprised. It was much different than he remembered. A couple of the windows were boarded up and the rickety old gate gave way to a mass of overgrown plants. It reminded me of The Secret Garden. It looked empty so we decided to pull up and get a closer look. We had just got out of the car when I noticed a face in the window, staring at us! We must have looked so suspicious, slowly driving up, that I decided that maybe, a photo at the letterbox might not be appropriate…So we played it cool and pretended we were getting something out of the boot and quickly jumped back in the car! I had time to snap this shot as we drove away:

Afterwards, we drove around a bit and I took some more photos. Here are some snaps from our adventures:


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