Charlie’s first month

So to start with, I thought I’d make a post about Charlie’s first month on the outside. He’s currently five weeks old and DF and I are finally starting to get the hang of this whole “parenting” lark. We’ve learned a lot since becoming Mum and Dad but I’ll get to that in minute. Charlie is growing so fast, I can hardly believe it. It was looking at some photos of him yesterday, he’s getting so big! This was my gorgeous 7lb baby at just a few days old:

He was just so itty bitty and scrummy (who am I kidding? he’s still ittty bitty and scrummy!) But since birth, he’s been gaining weight steadily, which is always something I think a new mum wants to hear! He’s a bit fussy these days (doesn’t like to do anything but be held and cuddled) but his little personality is just starting to peak through. He’s a very serious baby, or so it seems. I make lots of funny noises and faces at him and he just looks at me like “Ma… what are you doing? what are you doing, ma? Stahhhp” and I have to say “No Charlie, I’m your mother, I am allowed to make funny noises at you” His wee face is so serious all the time too, which makes me laugh. He really is a hoot, sometimes I wonder how two people as silly ourselves manage to make such a stern (but beautiful) baby.

Charlie, 5 weeks old.

When he was just three weeks old, Charlie had his first plane trip. Charlie and I went down to Christchurch to visit my friends and family!  We only stayed for a few days but had a blast! It was really nice catching up with everyone. He did very well on the pane, I think he enjoyed the rumble of the engines doin’ their thang.

DF and I are really enjoying parenthood so far, although I must admit, it is challenging at times! Sometimes, I wish babies were born with little LED screens on their foreheads that flash up with “Hungry” or “Tired” or “Just dropped a deuce in my pants” But like everyone says, it is well worth it. Seeing him and and content, babbling away at us, while looking for a boob to suck on, is the greatest joy I have ever felt.

Things We’ve learned since being parents so far:

  • How to do things one-handed. It’s a skill you pick up very fast when you have a newborn.
  • People LOVE  new babies and will always stop to say hello, have a peek in the stroller and say nice things
  • That one night’s good sleep can make the world of difference.
  • The obvious fact that the more expensive the item, the more likely it to get poo all over it.
  • Sometimes you have to do what you can to survive, even if other’s may frown upon it.
  • To keep calm and carry on (that phrase really makes sense to me now)
  • To not sweat the small stuff (another phrase which also makes a lot of sense now)
  • To fully appreciate our own parents and the sacrifices they made for us.
  • That family cuddles in bed on a Sunday morning = Better than anything, ever
  • To really  take in and enjoy every moment with Charlie (yes, even when he’s awake and howling at 3am, no matter how many times I “shhh-pat”  Every moment with him is special and will only happen once. I want to remember this, this is such a wonderful, amazing time and it really does fly by so fast. I can hardly believe that my tiny baby is nearly six weeks old already!

baby boy, you are amazing.

It’s easy, especially when you’re busy, to forget all the small stuff. Stuff that once seemed so amusing to you, but over time become more and more hazy as you cram pin numbers, passwords, important dates and new memories into your head. Here are a few of the little things that I don’t want to forget about Charlie:

  • The way that, in his first few week s we could “turn his eyes off” by stroking his forehead down to his nose. It was so cute, I’m kind of sad that it doesn’t work anymore!
  • His funny little “I’m pooping” smile.
  • How tiny he is! I keep thinking “Oh, he’s not that small, really…” that is, until I see him in comparison with a 5/6 month old!
  • How clever and observant he is
  • How strong he is.
  • The little grunty noises he makes in his sleep.

These past five weeks have been the hardest, most exhausting, most wonderful and amazing weeks of my entire life. I’m learning so much every day, not just about babies and baby care but about life and everything, really. I’m getting to know Charlie and it’s amazing to watch him go from this tiny sleepy little bundle to a curious little human, eager to learn and explore. Being a mum is just the best thing that I’ve ever done and I am so happy with life at the moment!


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