A few of my favourite things this month

Pumpkin Patch Bunny Rug –
 Lovely and stretchy, perfect for swaddling! We’ve found it even better than the Aiden + Aiden bamboo wraps!
Love To Dream Swaddle UP Suits – 
Amazing product! I like the convenience of a zipper and I absolutely love the fact that he can sleep with his arms up by his head (he loves sleeping like that!) while keeping him wrapped nice and tight.
Snap and Go Wheels and Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet –
 The Snap and Go Wheels are great for nipping out when you’ve got a newborn! You don’t have to  transfer baby from capsule to stroller, the capsule just clips straight on and away you go. So convenient! When we first came home, Charlie didn’t really like his bassinet. However, we love this bassinet’s ability to rock – not just back and forward but sideways and in circles too!
Cotton on Baby Mini Leggings
 I love love LOVE these! We have maybe five or six pairs… I love that the “cuffs” at the bottom of the legs are a bit tighter – they don’t ride up and keep him nice and warm. Not only that but they come in LOADS of groovy colours!
Weleda Mother and Baby
I really love these products! They’re natural, smell great and are prefect for taking care of your little one!
Nuk Pacifer
 Complete life savers, we never go anywhere without one! The specially designed shape helps baby suck and keeps the paci secure in place. That has to be the best feature – we were given one at the hospital but it was forever falling out!
Canon Ixus 1515 Digital Camera
Sleek, slim, stylish… and takes amazing photos! Loaded with tons of modes and functions, you can create wonderful images with this teeny tiny point and shoot!

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