Welcome to my new blog!

If you don’t already know me, I’m Grace (or Gracie, if you feel like being friendly)

Nine months ago, I started a little project in the form of a tumblr blog… The purpose of this blog was to share our tale of two people becoming three with our friends and family… Yep, that’s right! My eggo was preggo and DF and I were on a baby high! Well, it was me, mostly. DF looked on, quietly happy, laughing at me a little as stayed up late blogging about how crappy morning sickness is, how cute baby clothes are or how much I couldn’t wait to meet our baby (whom we called Bellybean! )

 Fast forward a few months and on August 7th, 2012, two weeks earlier than expected, I gave birth to our first and wonderful son, Charlie. Both DF and I are totally besotted by the wee man, he truly is a joy to have.

Coming Aug 2012

While tumblr is cool and everything, I felt like I needed a change (plus, I got sick of all that mamadramas… gosh, those mumblrs can be ruthless!) Onewhimsicalmama is my quiet little corner where I intend to document my life as a stay-at-home-mum.  Here you’ll find a bunch of  Famspam (family updates) as well as my daily doings,  lessons in homelife,  and of course, my whimsical musings on motherhood so far.  Thanks for stopping by, happy browsing 🙂


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